Fans Confused on Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's Twisted Relationship Status

The year 2020 has pushed us into a state where we have habituated to listen to bad news. The two were in the spotlight after their song “Senorita” became famous.  They also have made several other duos together that have won hearts. Presently, the bad that arrives is the news about their breakup. It is not clear if there is a rumor or is it true, but according to what some people think they have broken up. Let’s know more about the matter.

Fans Believe Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Have Broken Apart

Shawn’s Trip to California:

Shawn and Camila were living together at Camila’s residence and they have spent the entire quarantined time together. In between, they also have produced some of the fabulous works. Now, Shawn went back to California whereas Camila remains at her residence. Does this mean that they have broken up? Maybe, but according to some Instagram posts by Camila, it is evident that they are still together.

Fake or Real?

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There is no official announcement by the couple about any breakup. Rather, only the people assumed they had a breakup and spread the rumor like a forest fire. The couple has made a lot of work together and now they think they need a break from each other. It doesn’t really mean that they have broken up. They still love each other and we can hope to get more of their duos together. Moreover, the rumors won’t prove something if true love does exist.

Some Instagram stories:

Recently, Camila posted her picture on Instagram where she was wearing a sweatshirt that belonged to Shawn. It was after Shawn headed to California. The confirmation of the shirt was done after matching the sweatshirt with some of Shawn’s previous posts where he was wearing it. This proves that love between the two has not been fading away.


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