Friends: Where Is The Famous ‘Gunther’ Actor Now?

We never tired of watching Friends and its one of the shows which will don’t have any competition for years. Every character is on par level and the plot makes it more interesting. However, the trend of sarcasm is a revolution by one of the leads Chandler Bing. Ross is known for his expression, and Joey’s innocence won every heart.

However, the sidekicks were also on point and had a crucial role in the success of Friends. Gunther, the owner of Central Perk, was a tremendous character who auditioned for the role of Joey but somehow couldn’t make it. However, there are many characters of Friends who are still acting in some respective roles, but Gunther disappeared after a short career. He was nowhere to been on screen after 2013’s Modern Music.

Micheal Tyler

If you still know him with his stage name, then his real name is Michael Tyler. The man who featured in 148 episodes of Friends is currently not working on any projects.

He was last seen Friendfest and he wasn’t even recognizable at all. He has a lot of respect for the show as he never expected that he would last for 10 years in the show. He also asserted some facts about the reboot of the show and stated that why to mess with perfection?

In our opinion, he is quite right as a reboot will be a bad idea for the showrunners and audience too. However, the Reunion season is on its way, and every character will be on board, so it would be nice to see your favorite character on board.


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