Henry Zega Says He Wants To Play A Role In U.S.Avengers Film

We are back with another riveting story from the Avenger universe. Everyone wants to associate himself with the unprecedented success story that this franchise has culminated in. The latest in the pantheon of aspirants is the Brazilian actor Henry Zaga.

Gained prominence pretty early

The New Mutants' Sunspot Actor Wants to Adapt USAvengers | CBR
Source: CBR.com

Henrique Chagas Moniz de Aragão Gonzaga (Henry’s full name) gained prominence pretty early when he appeared in the MTV series Teen Wolf ( where he played Josh Diaz).

After that, Gonzaga also appeared in several Netflix exclusive releases, like in the film XOXO and later in the series entitled: 13 Reasons Why Heney’s interest comes at a time when after successfully battling three rather long years, an astronomical corporate merger, and (worst of all) a global pandemic, finally 20th Century Studios & much
waited for installment X-Men swan song The New Mutants is now open in the theatres – whatever numbers they may be – since most of the theatres of the country still remain closed owing to the pandemic, including those of New York and California.

Topic of sunspot

When a journalist reached out to him for further comments, he was elated. His joy (which he could not control obviously) was evident when the interviewer bought up the topic of sunspot and (if he would be interested in playing the same).

Here is what he replied in the answer: Yeah, bro, I wholeheartedly want to go ahead and become a part of the U.S.Avengers team! Without further ado, let us start the odyssey. Go! I am fully ready, (a bit) older, as excited as I was as a child. As per my understanding, all the fans off-late have been pretty vocal (even vociferous sometimes) about what is it that they actually want to transpire.

so I am not quite sure (I never am), I was casually going through it just for some fun and inspiration and was only casually speculating, “Sweet Lord, there is an endless possibility here lying latent!” just as it applies to so, so many different places. As they say: Sky’s the only limit, we’ll see it in the time to come.

Let us hope that we see him as well in the next installment.


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