How Lionel Messi Could Flourish In Manchester City?

Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s Talisman already decided his future and he does not want to be a part of Barcelona next season. After strings of humiliation, Messi had already enough of board antics regarding their management. Several clubs are already in pursuit of La Pulga and trying everything possible to lure him to their club.

But Manchester City, the English side is in pole position to bring Messi to Ethihad stadium. However, Messi also wishes to join English giants and a possible Pep-Messi reunion could be on its way. We have solid reasons why Messi could be a perfect fit for Manchester City.

Attacking Football

Manchester City has its priority on attacking football and the team does not depend upon Defense either. However, they conceded a lot but still, their attacking football is the soul of their gameplan. Lionel Messi will add more firepower and combining him with Kevin De Bruyne made him more impactful as he could focus on scoring rather than go deep into the midfield and create chances.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Pep-Messi Connection

Pep Guardiola is a huge fan of Messi and still rates him as the best footballer on the planet. However, he already asserted that Messi should retire at Camp Nou, but now the odds are defying. Pep is now more excited to bring Messi to Manchester City as it makes them more impactful than ever. Adding Messi to his team can solve many problems facing by Pep as Sane already left the squad for Bayern Munich.

Messi Magic

Those who are doubting that Messi won’t shine in Premier League will be exposed quickly. Messi is a kind of player who can fit in any time in the world. There was no point in physicality and harsh football playing by English Teams. Messi already faced harsh challenges and get over them, so facing Premier Club won’t be a problem for him as claimed by many football Pundits.


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