Kate Hudson Rebounds Social Distant Sound Bath To COVID-19

Well, we all might be stressing out the pandemic period, but we are happy that Kate Hudson and her family are having a lot of fun. They were recently captured, getting a calm bath with friends. 

And seeing the pictures, we are relaxing with her!

Kate Hudson Maintained Social Distancing at the Bath

Kate Hudson recently took to Instagram to share her soothing bath day with her 12.2 million. She posted a picture of herself with her family and friends having a fun and relaxing day. They were enjoying a peaceful bath while maintaining social distancing. 

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From the picture, we could see that she maintained an appropriate distance from Jackie Cantwell and Jesse Israel. 

Everyone was Dressed Casual 

Since everyone was enjoying a day off, the outfits were pretty homely and casual. Kate herself is a fitness fanatic co-founded a fitness line Fabletics. In the picture, she was seen lying on a yoga mat with her one-year-old daughter Rani. 

She wore a white crop top with grey pants. The 41-year-old actress also seemed to be joined by her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa. 

On the other hand, Jackie kept it casual yet chic. She wore a deep neck black top with white shorts. And Jesse kept the vibe going with a simple t-shirt and pants. 

Sound Baths are the way to go 

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I just did some rough math, & these bowls have been played for over 200,000 people. How insane is that? That’s in a years time. I’ve never been formally trained in sound, sound healing, or to become a sound practitioner. All things I deeply respect. Sound came into my life in a wave (😏), largely through my pal & sound musician @paulmkuhn, w the first set I ever used (2 yrs ago) w @thebigquiet belonging to @davidyarus I’ve played bowls just about every day since David lent me that set. I’ve read books, watched YouTube videos & practiced with other sound musicians, but what I did the most was listen to my heart. Then, I put all that heart into the sound. When id doubt or judge myself for not knowing what I was doing, I’d put all the words I needed to hear in the sound too. My gut told me that if there are sounds I need to hear, there are likely others that need to hear the sounds too. On one BQ trip, one of David’s bowls broke. I was devastated. I knew nothing about where to get a bowl, or what it meant to replace one. I searched the web & found @crystaltones, the main company making these things. I cold emailed them looking for a replacement & a few weeks later I recieved a text from Lupito, the CEO. The friendship that blossomed from this led to us working with @crystaltones to create the set you see here. Lupito meditated on the set, & gave guidance based on my personality & the work we’d be doing with their sounds. Main bowl master Edith @healing_your_soul_florida & her team set the intention to create a set full of joy, that would open peoples hearts. Edith & I have never met in person, we’ve only communicated over email. She recently told me that the word “joy” was a unique one to come to mind when creating a set. She didn’t know why it came, but she listened & it stuck. Pretty cool to think about all the intention & intuition behind David so generously offering up his set, behind the creation & curation of this set, that goes into me playing them, & all the intention & intuition that goes into the events that @jesseisrael @iempanda & @thebigquiet put on. I think when the intention is good, you can hear it. 💫🎳

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It is said that when you want to relax, sound baths can be the perfect way to go. They are meant to help the person relax and calm their mind. The professional play’s music from bowls is filled with water. And the music is made from the interiors when they are struck. 

No Other Children Around 

Apart from Rani, Kate also has a 9-year-old son named Bingham with her ex-fiance Matt Bellamy. She was engaged to him from 2011 to 2014. 

She has another son named Ryder, 16, with singer Chris Robinson. However, neither of them were in the picture. 


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