Lady Gaga Recalls When Bradley Cooper Eradicated her Insecurities

Lady Gaga, a lady of class and style who is widely popular for her songs is an American singer. She is also a songwriter and an actress who has been awarded the Academy Awards. Today we know about the intricate bond that Gaga shares with Bradley Cooper, an American director, and actor. Let’s dig deep into this.

Intimate Bond

It all started on the sets of “A Star is Born”. It is a musical drama that went popular to the extent of receiving an Academy Award. Gaga speaks that it was then she had developed that special bond with Bradley Cooper. Their on-screen chemistry gave way to another special and delicate bond in their real lives.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga had Insecurity Regarding her Beauty:

She admitted years back that initially but insecurities that could not be justified. She felt she was not perfect and beautiful enough. While she states that although she is a pop star that has nothing to do with beauty, she has been always insecure about it. She also added that it was not that she felt worst in her skin but that she was just Okay.

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Lady gaga


Wants to be Adored because of her Talent:

Although Lady Gaga made it clear in an interview that all she wants to be admired for is her talent. She thinks that she is no model but is a star in the music industry that keeps rising. She says that she wants to be recognized for her songs which has nothing to do with beauty. Moreover, she went on to describe an incident that eradicated her insecurity.

Bradley Decimated her Insecurities:

Gaga said that when she went in to give audition for A star is born, she had lots of makeup on. Seeing this Bradley walked to her and held a makeup wipe and asked her to remove the makeup. She felt weird and nauseous in her words. Then Cooper himself removed it and told her that she looked perfect in that manner. It was then she was completely out of her insecurities.


Bradley Cooper


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