Lori Harvey and Rapper Future have Called their Relationship to Quits

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn who is popular with the name Future is an American rapper. Besides being a rapper he is also a songwriter and record producer, and as many say a womanizer too. Yes! you heard it right. We know about the relationship that persisted between him and Lori Harvey, but it is heard that they are no more together. Let’s dive deep into this.

Future is an Acclaimed Womanizer:

The future is a 36-year-old rapper who is a father to 8 kids. Besides the number of kids he has, you would also be surprised to know that all are not from the same woman. The future has been popular among ladies and has thus shared a bed with lots of women. He is also known for his pathetic actions and remarks towards women that have defamed him up to a considerable extent.

Future has been called a Womanizer

Lori and Future Were in a relationship:

For 2 years the two have become the talk of all shows. Back in 2018, it was heard that there was something that had taken place between the two. It was Future himself who told this but later nothing was confirmed of this sort. Again in 2019, the two were seen together spending a holiday in Jamaica but still, the two never confirmed it. In 2020 everything got covered as they were spotted sharing an apartment.

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Lori and Future were in relationship

Future had been Cheating on Harvey:

A lady named Eliza reign came into limelight saying that she bears the child of the Rapper. Sources say that he has entertained other women while being with Lori. Although the Future denied the allegations but DNA confirmed that he is the father of Reign’s child. The defense stated that Reign has stressed him emotionally and has turned his world upside down

Lori and Future are no more together:

While the Future was always vocal about his relationship with Lori, Lori was the opposite. She kept it under warps. But since the Future has been proved legitimate father of Reign’s child, Lori moved out. The future has also deleted Lori’s pics from his Instagram. Sources say that Lori has moved out of Future’s apartment.

Lori has called it quits


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