Manchester City's Possible Lineup If Lionel Messi Arrives

Manchester City will get a major boost if Messi joins the Manchester Blue side. However, there are several reports claiming that Messi’s preferred destination will be Manchester City at the moment. So how will Manchester look like If they signed Lionel Messi? many could get axed if La pulga joins the English side.

So let’s discuss the potential transfers who could depart if Messi joins the club.

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus could go another way if Lionel Messi arrives as Barcelona is currently in a dire need for a striker. So Gabriel could fill the gap and Coutinho’s presence could be more influential for the Brazillian.

Bernando Silva

Barcelona could demand Bernando Silva in exchange for Messi as they possibly want to clinch some transfer money. So players swap is always on the radar of Barcelona and Bernando could be on its way to Camp Nou.

Eric Garcia

Barcelona desperately needs to revamp their defense too and they are chasing Eric Garic for a long time. So we could see young defender departing Manchester City and joining his childhood club Barcelona.

Now assuming the lineup as we could see Lionel Messi will perfectly fit in Manchester City and there will be some major changes in the lineup. First, we collected the players with their proper positions and then proceed to the possible lineup.

Goalkeepers: Ederson, Muric, Carson

Defense: Walker, Stones, Zinchenko, Laporte, Mendy, Cancelo, Otamendi, Garcia (Doubtful), Nathan Ake 

Midfielder: Gundogan, Rodrigo, De- Bruyne, Fernandinho, Foden, Bernando Silva (Potential Transfer) 

Attackers: Sterling, Jesus (potential Transfer), Sergio Aguero, Mahrez, Lionel Messi (Potential Transfer) 

Now Messi could fit in the role of Mahrez as Sterling moves to the left-wing and Messi will occupy his original position. So Mahrez could be on the bench and start often, Gungadon could also on the bench sheet as his performance dipped throughout the season.

Source: The Sun


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