Ryan Reynolds Is Shutting Down His Streaming Service Already

It is evident that streaming wars is going one since the introduction of every streaming giant. Every platform is trying hard to get more users as possible, and we know that sharing options make every platform available for all users. Ryan Reynolds who is known for his wit and humor and on many occasions he destroyed many personalities including his family and partner Blake Lively.

Now Ryan hits another masterpiece as he launched his own streaming sarcastically, which got crashed down after two minutes of its launch.

He brilliantly roasts one of his movies, Foolproof, and doing a stunt for Mint Mobile. He took the matter to the twitter, and jokingly expressed the situations around his flick that were released in 2003.

You can visit the website here and see how Ryan Reynolds having fun in this pandemic situation. We already know that Ryan used to joke a lot, and he is not active since the pandemic but made a comeback by this tweet. The website allows you to watch Foolproof for free, and that is funny as well as good for those who didn’t watch the film yet. So Reynolds did a huge charity in terms of providing content for free.


Ryan Reynolds reportedly holding around 5 to 6 projects in the development. One of them Free Guy will be hitting theatres this December if everything goes in favor of the motion. We can’t rule out the possibility yet as the flick is likely to release on its projected date. So let’s wait for the Free Guy to arrive in theatres as there is no scope for OTT release. Stay tuned for more updates.


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