Selena Gomez's New Business Investment Popping Headlines

Selena Gomez’s ice-cream being the popping headline:

This time when it comes to Selena’s ice cream, then it doesn’t refer to a song named ice cream. Rather it’s the real ice-cream we enjoy eating in summer. After a long career in the music industry, Selena Gomez has stepped into the food industry.

She is going to launch her own flavour of ice cream that is full of cream and cookies. Selena Gomez has started her own cooking show in which she co-stars with different chefs while experimenting with different cuisines. 

Pink and black ice cream:

The singer has taken a partnership with the famous Serendipity3 restaurants that are famous for desserts, ice creams all sort of sweetness. She shares her story by telling people how she used to go to Serendipity and enjoy the delicious desserts it served. Now, she is glad of having ownership of the same company. Besides, she has her own flavour of ice cream that tastes delicious with every single bite.

Flavour decoded:

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Selena has described the flavour in her Instagram post. She said the cream is a pink vanilla cream with a lot of brown cookies in them. She tells how she feels with each bite of the ice cream. The flavour will be available in general stores, grocery stores, and other suitable places at $5.99.

Investment on ice-cream:

It definitely takes a long time to decide a flavour for something new. For that, we have to taste all the existing flavours and experiment with new ones. The lockdown and a long holiday from work have lead Selena to explore her interest in cooking and taste that is giving us a fruitful result.



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