Snoop Dogg's Son Kickstarts Career in Real Estate Business Here's Every Detail

Snoop Dogg may be the king of rock and roll but his promising son is no less. Well, his son may not be a star in the hip hop industry but he has his own talents. The 22-year-old son of Snoop Dogg, Julian Broadus is a promising young man and now he is on the verge of proving himself professionally with a new career choice.

Julian Launches New Career Option

Julain has taken real estate as his new career path. He has in the past excelled academically as he recently majored in Biology. But looks like he is in no mood of pursuing biology in the future. Snoop Dogg‘s youngest son, Julian knows what he wants now and he is working really hard to achieve his goal.

Julian, a Real Estate Mogul

Julian is going to try his hands at the celebrity real estate business. He has signed on to collaborate with the top real estate agents in LA for kickstarting his career with a boom. In a recent interview, Julian said that he was going to contact Tai Savet, CEO and Founder of Agents of LA.

“I am Ready to Make my Name”

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Julain is really passionate about what he is doing to do. In a recent interview, Julain went on to say that he is finally ready to make his name and bring money along with it. This shows the young man’s will and charisma for his work. We hope his passion leads him to success in his future endeavors.

Tai is Mentoring Julian

It is wonderful that Julain is being trained under the guidance of Tai Savet. Working under good and sound leadership will definitely yield Julian wonderful results in the end. Teh work that Julian will be going to do may include residential leasings, luxury vacation renting, new development resort real estate, etc. Well, the work is indeed challenging but not impossible for teh young enthusiast.


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