Tekashi69 Marked Warning on Eccentrically Trolling Gang Members

Tekashi69 is Out of Prison 

The rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was taken into prison for the last two years. When the pandemic started, he was sentenced to house imprisonment because the jail was not a place safe to remain away from getting the viral infection. After he moved to house imprisonment, he had made a collab with Nicki Minaj and produced songs. He was doing good with his work and had no trouble. The imprisonment is over now, and he is set entirely free.

Dangerous Street Trip

After the release of Tekashi from imprisonment, he has become very careless, and he was roaming in the streets. He was seen to through money on the street and was going to places that hold potential threats to him. He seems to be very careless concerning the risks that he got while his house imprisonment. The singer-rapper has recently lost a closed one, but still, he has not realized that he brings a threat to himself and his closed ones.

Trolls Put him in Danger

As soon as the singer entered social media, he had started trolling people. Many fans have reacted to his trolls showing concern for him. There was a comment in which a fan asked Tekashi to stop trolling others else one day, he will find himself in a body bag. Other comments said that Tekashi had connections, and he worked for gangs, and thus he is free and not sensible about the consequences that may happen.

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Tekashi Enjoying with Girlfriend

Tekashi was seen with his girlfriend after he was released from the sentence. The couple is spending a good time together and enjoying their life as if nothing happened at all. The threats continue to come from the foes, and the security of Tekashi might have gone mad as he does not care about anyone.


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