What Could We Expect From Upcoming Title?

Netflix has been lining up some great and exciting back to back projects to.keep subscribers entertained a lot throughout the year. An iconic actress has joined hands and if all set to star in this brand new space adventure under the Netflix banner.

Netflix’s Away: Be Ready To Witness This Thrilling Adventure Ride On The Streaming Platform!

The genius who has earlier gifted fans great prices like Parenthood and Friday Night Light is all set with this brand new show titled Away. This space adventure is not like any regular sci-fi mission you have seen earlier.

Netflix’s Away: The Official First Look Teaser Of The Space Adventure Is Here! Have A Look.

The upcoming space series stars two time Academy winning actress Hilary Swank who portrays the role of Emma Green is put on a very crucial space mission away from his family. The trailer starts with the actress tearing up as she in space while terribly remembering her family. Will she be able to ace the task while being away from her family? Take a look at this short teaser about this upcoming space adventure series.


The actress is super excited to be on board as she is thrilled to.play the role of Emma Green. Moreover, Swank revealed in an exclusive interview about how she always wanted to be an astronaut before she became an actress! Well, it seems like she got to fulfill that dream through her reel life!

Netflix’s Away: Academy Award Winner Hilary Swank Is Starring In This Series.

The series is all set to release in the streaming platform on 4th September and is being produced by Jason Katims. As the series first look teaser looks promising enough, there’s a lot to look forward to in this emotional space adventure. As Emma works on her space mission, her daughter looks after her father who suddenly faces a severe health crisis. Unaware of this situation, Emma fully commits to her space trip while being away from her family.


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