When She Tends To Return On Screens?

It’s been a while since fans have seen actress Cameron Diaz made an appearance in any movie, the actress was last seen in comedies like Sex Tape and The Other Woman. Is the actress opting for early retirement from Hollywood?

Is Popular Actress Cameron Diaz Not To Return To Hollywood Anytime Soon? Here’s What We Know.

Now that the actress is busy with her daughter Raddix and husband Benji Madden, the new mommy is all about this new bundle of joy and how the emotions can be overwhelming at times. The Charlie’s Angels star has also confessed that she does not miss the industry in general. However, she is not going to be permanently saying goodbye as well!

The Actress Teased The Possibility Of Her Return.

However, the actress assured that she is not retaining anytime soon and it is not a big no from her side. Diaz said that she will not say never as she hardly says never about anything! So, it is not that the actress is not going to return, she might be waiting for the perfect comeback project!

The actress managed to welcome their daughter together with his and Benji Madden after keeping the whole pregnancy a hush-hush affair. They have expressed their happiness and also their concern about keeping their daughter away from the limelight. They have issued a statement saying that they have a strong instinct of protecting the little one! She have also kept the whole relationship with Madden a private affair as well.

Cameron Diaz Enjoy Being A Mother To Little Raddix For Now!

While the actress is away from Hollywood for a while now, fans get an update from the actress via her social media to account for now and then. She posts small titbits from her daily life and it seems like she is really enjoying being a mother. As of now, the actress does not seem to have any plans to return to the acting world. However, the right script might do the trick!


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