Why Barcelona Could Flourish Under Ronald Koeman?

Football Club Barcelona is on the verge of its downfall after Bavarians thrashed Blaugranas in 8-2 defeat. Several players already have shown an exit door, either transfer listed or terminating contracts is the only option to get rid of Dead weights.

However, Ronald Koeman already promised some major changes. We have several reasons to prove the fact that Barcelona could do wonders under Dutchman.


He is insisting on preferring players according to their desired positions. Likes of De jong and Griezmann were playing in wrong positions since the beginning of the season. Now Dutchman promised that he would work on players positioning, and that could solve their half of the problems.

Messi Dependencia

The second thing he wants to do is to clear the immense dependency on Messi. Barcelona revolves around Messi, and they always try to play through him. Barcelona is so heavily dependent on Messi that they could not win a single game without him and always counting on him to do wonders.

Source: Barca Blaugranes

Youth Development

He is very much keen to play a youth player than an old age Experienced. He already stated the fact that youth will be prioritized before an experienced senior. So the likes of Pedri, Puig, Fati, and Trinicao have a massive boost in terms of playtime.

But seeing the negative side, Koeman trying to fill Barcelona with dutch players and that’s could be the move that could backfire. He has to work with existing players and forget about the reunion with his national side. However, those could be rumors as Barcelona is currently facing a situation where any rumor could be truth or debunked according to circumstances.


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