Why Is Chris Brown Begging Her?

Something New” is an American song, and the singer of the song is Zendaya and the singer also featuring an American singer Chris Brown. The song was aired on February 3, 2016, as a single. The sing was released by the Hollywood Records and Republic Records. The samples of the song are TLC’s “Creep”.

TLC song “Creep”

The samples of the sing that 1994 TLC song “Creep” is the most attractive thing for Zendaya. This is the main reason why Zendaya got attracted to the song initially and started liking the song very much. She first recorded the song with another singer named Babyface, but later, this singer Babyface was replaced by Brown at a later stage. After recording the song with Brown, Zendaya doesn’t want to be shown up by him in the song. This is told by Zendaya to the iHeartRadio.

Chris Brown begs Zendaya to drop "fire" unreleased music video ...
Source: Capital XTRA.com

Zendaya uploads a video on her official channel.

On February 3, 2016, is the date on which Zendaya upload her song that is something new on her account that is youtube account. After some days, or we can say a few weeks later, Zendaya uploads this video on her official channel named Vevo.

As we all know that this video was official, but this video was not released officially to date. Only a 25-second video is shown of the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

It is rumoured that Zendaya shelved the video after Chris Brown shown in it, and he sings some part of the sing. This can be the reason why Zendaya doesn’t want to get the song released. There is no official word from the mouth of Zendaya regarding this news.

Zendaya also unfollowed him on the social media account. This can be a probable reason why Chris is begging her that she helps in releasing the song. But we don’t have any official news neither from Brown nor from Zendaya about begging Brown.

It has been four years, and Chris wants to put all their differences behind and wants to start once again from starting, and he also put a hand forward to shake with Zendaya, but Zendaya does not give any response Chris till now. This can be a probable reason why Chris is begging with her.


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