Angelina Jolie Enjoys Shopping Spree with Daughter in Target

Angelina Jolie enjoyed a shopping spree along with her daughters just recently. The Hollywood actress has been catering to her children all along this time. She had a girl’s day out with her daughter as they enjoyed the day in full gusto. They all looked relaxed while buying a carriage full of stuff from Target.


Angelina never fails to lure her fans in. She has this air of beauty that always works for her no matter what she does. The actress just recently stepped out of her house with her daughters. This little outing of hers is making headlines now.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Jolie could be seen wearing all-black attire. She wore flip flops and tied her hair in a bun. To complete her look, she donned glasses. She along with her three daughters Zahara, Shiloh, and Vivienne on Saturday. she was then headed to Target to get supplies. They all looked very comfy and casual.

What’s Angelina Jolie up to these Days

Angelina Jolie has been dealing with a very tough spot lately in her very life. It has been reported that the actress is facing a lot of issues with Brad Pitt. They share six kids, and they have been fighting for their custody. It is also being said that they have even stopped going to therapy together. All of this has been affecting their life a lot. With Pitt dating a German model, things have turned even sourer between them. Well, let us hope they find common ground.

Jolie with her daughters

This little shopping spree of Jolie with her daughters is going viral on the internet. The actress has been engulfed in much tension with her former partner Brad Pitt. Well, it is great that she is having her time out with her kids and living her life to the fullest.


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