Cardi B Hasn't Shed a Tear since Breakup with Offset

We all kind of reach that point in our lives where we do not feel anything at all. The same is happening with Cardi B. The female rapper has been making headlines after her divorce rumors started flooding on the internet. But these are no rumors, as the songstress herself went on to confirm them. She is indeed breaking up with Offset.


Cardi reportedly took to Instagram just recently to set the stage clear about the various rumors that have been looming around her divorce. Fans of the songstress are happy to hear that she is sad and has not shed a single tear since her divorce. She is indeed in a happy place, and her fans are relieved.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

In the Instagram Live, Cardi said that teh rumors about Offset having a baby and cheating are all false. She divorced him because of her reasons. The best part about it all is that she is happy now. Offset and Cardi share a daughter. The duo got married in 2017 in a private marriage ceremony.

What’s Cardi B up to these Days

Cardi just recently launched a new song that goes by the name WAP. This song has ended up topping all the charts. It is a huge sensation now. Fans have been appreciating all the things that have been going on in the song. It has also become a huge TikTok thing. Everyone, including celebrities, are doing the WAP challenge. Even Miley Cyrus went on to do this very challenge. Cardi indeed gave her best in WAP.

Cardi has had enough already. All along the three years of her marriage, she has been aching. Rumors about Offset cheating on her had become common. All of these made her make this strong decision to break up with him finally. Now, she is just focussing on herself and enjoying life as it is.


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