Demi Lovato Retorts on Tabloid of Max Ehrich's Selena Viral Tweets


Demi Lovato has come up in a controversy after her boyfriend Ehrich compares her with Selena Gomez. It is not true whatever tabloids are being spread nowadays. The singer of ” Ok not to be Ok”, was very much upset when the media covered the story of Max and Selena after getting the screenshots viral. The screenshots show that Max compares Demi with Selena Gomez. She is outrageous about it and has posted several things about the media in her story.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Demi writes that it is unfortunate when people put fake pictures to have two women stand against each other. She also wrote to the people who have made this thing viral. She questions if the people don’t have any important news to cover in 2020 that they are making such kind of nonsense. It is effortless for someone to break the relations of celebrities by fabricating such stories. It is only because of these people that celebrities suffer. Only because they don’t have anything to do, so, they write such fabricated stories.

What’s Demi Lovato up to These Days

Max Ehrich has posted about Selena so many times in his Twitter. It is not the first time that Max has posted about Selena. Max had always admired Selena, and also he had a crush on her when he was a teen. He always wanted to publish a song with Selena and thus have been in the limelight for several times. This time it’s Demi Lovato who said that she is no friend with Selena, but still, Max had posted something in social media that went viral because of this.

How many of you are Selena fans? Does it ever highlight on social media when you post anything about her in your social media? Well, privacy and choice are unique to everyone, and we should respect it.


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