Kanye West to Ensure Taylor Swift Retrieves her Master Recordings

Taylor Swift and Kanye West are two celebrities who are always on either end of everything. Their troubles have indeed become public. Even Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian has publicly dissed the songstress, But a recent turn of events has changed the tides’ direction.


Kanye West made it public that he is willing to help Taylor Swift. In a recent Twitter post of his, he said that he would help Taylor Swift to get her master recordings. This very piece of news has caused a lot of hullabaloo on Twitter.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Kanye West has been suffering from bipolar disorder lately. Maybe all of that is prompting him to do all this. It was just recently that the former sort between the two had again come to light. But now West is willing to help Swift. In the tweet, he said that he would personally see that Taylor gets her masters back. He added that Scooter is a close friend of his.

What’s Taylor Swift up to these Days

Taylor has been keeping busy with a lot of things lately. She recently gave a very sweet gift to Katy Perry‘s newborn daughter, Daisy. She sent for her a handmade gift. She sewed a pink silk blanket for the little thing. She event embroidered on it herself. Katy loved this gesture of hers. She went on to post a picture of the blanket on her personal Instagram handle to thank the songstress.


Certain aspects between Swift and West need to be clarified. Their online spat never ceases to take cruel turns. From time to time, Kim comes and accuses Swift of things. These celebrities have been caught in a very ugly web of lies and troubles. Let us see what becomes of these two in the future.


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