Katy Perry May Collaborate with Black Pink But under One-Condition

After Selena Gomez, it is Katy Perry who may collaborate with the girl band BlackPink. Perry broke this news in a recent interview wherein she shed some light on this very topic. But the songstress has one condition. Until and unless that very condition is not met, she won’t be collaborating.


In the interview, the pop singer clearly stated that she does not intend to be part of a trend or anything. Moreover, she added that people are collaborating to get more popular these days. This is not at all her agenda.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Katy made it clear that she would like to collaborate with BlackPink if she connects with their music. It would not at all be to get more famous. The songstress believes that it is very important to first understand another before going for a collab in the future. So, we do not know if this collab is happening or not.

What’s Katy Perry Up to these Days

Katy has been keeping busy with her little bundle of joy lately. She welcomed her baby girl, Daisy, just last month. The first time others are having the time of her life while embracing motherhood. She recently posted a picture on Instagram thanking Taylor Swift for the gift she gave her daughter. Moreover, Taylor went on to gift a handmade silk blanket to the baby. Perry appreciated this gesture of hers.

So, it is not yet clear if Perry would make a song with BlackPink in future or not. Fans thus do not know how to react on this very matter. But if this happens, then this is going to be huge indeed. Moreover, a collab between the iconic Katy and the sizzling girls of BlackPink will indeed set the stage ablaze


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