Lindsay Lohan Tease Collab With Taylor Swift With A Cryptic Tweet!

Lindsay Lohan is an actress and singer who is well known for the iconic show Mean Girls. She also featured in other series like The Masked Singer Australia and Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. Apart from this, she is also an entrepreneur who has many nightclubs and resorts in Greece. She recently shared a cryptic post on Twitter and just mentioned Taylor Swift. Now the fans of both celebrities are getting crazy. Below is everything which you should know about it:

Lindsay Lohan Shared A Tweet To Taylor Swift

Just recently, Lohan posted a secret tweet on Twitter and tagged Taylor Swift, but there is no message in it. She just tweeted Taylor’s Twitter handle from her phone, and now fans get confused over it. Have a look at the cryptic tweet:

Cryptic tweet: Lindsay Lohan apparently wanted to get singer Taylor Swift's attention over the weekend... though no one is sure why

Swift also not responded to anything regarding this tweet. It is not the first time she is attempting to get the attention of Swift; earlier, Lohan was just disturbing her during a June 2019 Instagram Live session, Taylor was promoting her album. But this blank tweet is only hinting many things apart from getting the attention of Taylor Swift.

Fans Reaction After Seeing Lindsay Lohan’s Cryptic Tweet

After Taylor Swift’s fan noticed this tweet, some started thinking that she is just doing for getting the attention of the singer, and others thought that collaboration is possible between both of them. Also, fans of both celebrities will be happy if they will team up for a project. Check some fans reaction after they saw Lohan’s tweet:

Can We Expect A Collaboration Between Lindsay Lohan And Taylor Swift?

So right now, there is no official confirmation on the collaboration of the celebrities. But after the tweet appeared, many possibilities came up for their team-up. Lohan also released her song this year, so some believed that a collab is possible; maybe Lohan can appear in the new music video of Taylor’s album folklore.

There are also rumors that a movie can be made inspired by Swift’s latest song, The Last Great American Dynasty. Some fans were also said that Lohan can appear in the film.


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