Paris Hilton Says She Was Abused In Her Past Relationship

Paris Whitney Hilton is a renowned personality who is a complete package; an actor, singer, heiress, businesswoman, Dj, and a lot more. She is the great-granddaughter of the founder of Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hilton. And from this, we would be surely making out that she was a silver spoon-fed child since her birth and had got all the luxuries and success served on a platter.

Paris Hilton Confesses About Her Personal Life

Well, we can say so but not anymore after the actress herself made certain profound revelations related to her personal life. Paris is all set to launch her Youtube documentary titled This Is Paris on September 14, 2020.

And before that, she is giving up a lot of interviews to promote the same wherein she made certain revelations about her personal, romantic life. She told that her past relationships were all abusive and violent, both mentally and physically. She didn’t even know what the feeling of love is or what is a connection.

Paris Hilton
Source: Socialite Life

Paris Hilton Shared Her Experience of Provo Canyon XSchoool 

The actress shared that she was a part of Provo Canyon XSchoool in Utah during the 1990s for certain months and they constitute the worst days of her entire life. She told further how those men used to treat her as nothing, calling her such vulgar things, beating her up which we herself accepted because it was the way she thought is the treatment given to girls.

The Incident Left Her Traumatized for Years

She was traumatized, bullied, and made her think unworthy of herself. THose total of five relationships were more of torture and abusive ones rather than making her feel what love and compatibility is. Now the actress is dating a businessman for the past few months, and she is all happy in this healthy relationship.

We wish the couple a good life ahead and hopefully; she has got the man of her life and dreams. To know more about Paris more, do watch the upcoming documentary on Youtube.

We have witnessed a lot more actors revealing horrific details about their personal life. Let us hope everything with everyone gets better.


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