Paris Hilton Vouches for Britney Spears' Decision, Confirms Sources

Britney Spears has been caught in legal turmoil. She is willing to take control of her life. For doing this, she is breaking all ties from her father, who has legal control over her and her financial matters. This decision of hers is being backed by her good friend Paris Hilton.


Paris Hilton Vouches for Britney Spears

Hilton recently blurted out about her views on Spears legal situation. She was supportive of her decision to take control of her life. Well, this makes sense to given the fact that Britney is an adult and must have control over her life and finances.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Paris went on to describe her past meeting with Britney. The duo met last summer and went out on dinners. They sport a cordial relationship. Hilton went on to say that she adores the Criminal singer. They talked about funny and exciting things. When asked if Britney spoke about the legal situation going on her life, Paris said she doesn’t. She added that Britney does not bring up such topics.

But Hilton is there for her decision to take control of her life. She said that Britney has worked for everything that she has all her life. It is understandable if now she is willing to take complete control of her life.

What’s Paris up to these Days

Paris Hilton

Hilton has been keeping busy recently with her documentary release. This series will help her fans get access to the little secrets of her life in addition to all the drama—no wonder this documentary series in one of the most anticipated shows currently.

The fact that Paris has come forward to support Britney‘s decision to take control of her life is commendable. She is standing by her good friend’s side during her troubled times.


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