Rihanna on Quick Recovery after Bruised and Swollen Face from Electric Scooter Ride


Rihanna is back in the news, but this time, she doesn’t seem very well. She recently went on an Electric Scooter ride, and that didn’t end the way she would have expected. As per the reports, Rihanna had an accident on the ride, and she got injured. The Work singer Rihanna got injured on her face with bruises and a bit of swelling. 

More Info on the Breaking News 

Rihanna was recently out to have some fun on an electric scooter with friends. As per the singer’s representatives, her scooter flipped over. But there are no major injuries, and she is healing fast. 

As per the pictures released over the internet, she has suffered minor bruises over her forehead. There is a bit of swelling as well. The pictures were taken outside an eatery in California. At the same time, her staff members got her food and drinks as she sat in the car. She removed her sunglasses, and we could see her bruised face. 

Recently, Simon Cowell was also hospitalized after he had an accident while he was riding an electric bicycle. However, he required surgery and is now at home, recovering. 

What’s up with Rihanna These Days 

The business mogul recently launched her skincare line called Fenty Skin and a new collection of lingerie with Savage X Fenty. Rihanna also featured in a recent interview with Vogue. She talked about skincare in men with A$AP Rocky. 

Earlier this year, she was also seen going in a studio with Pharrell Williams. The singer revealed in an interview that she looks up to Pharrell Williams and he is someone she has always wanted to work with for a very long time.


Rihanna recently met with an accident while riding an electric scooter. She suffered minor bruises and swelling over her face. But as per her representatives, she is fine, and nothing major happened to her.


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