Selena Gomez's Plea to End Misinformation Spread to Facebook Trending

Selena Gomez is more than a star. She is utterly humanitarian. The songstress takes specific endeavours that define this very aspect of her character. It was just recently that the songstress took to spreading information about the spread of misinformation. To ensure that her pleas work, she took to calling for a solution at the very right place.


Misinformation, fake news, polarization, hate speech, and formation of hate groups have become innate to social media. Rather than being a means to relax, it has become a platform where people gush about anything and everything. Selena wants everyone to acknowledge this very fact.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

So, to bring a final stop on this, the actress went on to personally urge Mark Zukerberg to work on teh spread of misinformation on Facebook and Instagram. She even wrote a personal message to cater to this very plea of hers. Well, let us hope, this call of help from hers comes to the attention of the concerned people and they take the required action.

What’s Selena Gomez up to these Days

The Ice cream singer is very much in hype these days. She is at the epitome of her career. With her new collab song doing wonders for her and her cosmetic line’s success, things are just falling into place for her. She recently indulged in an ice cream challenge with the girls of the band BlackPink. Apart from this, she has been promoting her make up line on various social media platforms. Let us hope all her endeavours bring her success.

This move by Gomez is commendable. This shows that she is willing to bring about a change in the world with her deeds. Well, the songstress is not just a pretty face. She is more than that. She is utterly humanitarian and hopes for a change.


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