Selena Gomez Raises Voice against Proliferation of Social-Injustice on Social Media

Selena Gomez is not just a singer. She is more than that. Many a time, she has used her status to bring out good in society. She has been vocal about some things. Call it mental health or social injustice; she is always at the center stage when it comes to spreading awareness amongst folks.


Like all of us, even Selena Gomez is anxious about the world’s present situation and everything that is going on around. The way social media is being tainted with hate groups and hate comments. This is a significant step taken by the songstress. The fact that she is clever enough to point out this very situation is commendable in itself.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

In a recent interview, the pop star said she had sent a personal message to Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg to ask them to check on Instagram and Facebook. She said that she has been going crazy over the way the world is polarizing. Se highlighted the existence of Islamophobia, hate speech, racism, etc. This very message sent by the Ice-cream singer is flooding on teh internet.

What’s Selena Gomez up to these Days

Selena has a lot on her plate. She recently got together with the members of BlackPink to do an ice-cream challenge. Her collab song with this very band was loved and adored by her fans. The songstress also recently launched her cosmetic beauty line. It goes by the name Rare Beauty. Even her cosmetic brand is getting a lot of love too.

The fact that Selena chose to raise her voice against the constant misuse of social media platforms for the proliferation of hate. These hate groups with polarizing outlooks have been causing havoc in society. It is good that a millennial like Gomez chose to speak up against this all.


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