Stephen King's The Stand Gets A New Trailer Which Reveals The Post-Apocalyptic Thrills

Iconic writer Stephen King’s post-an apocalyptic novel titled The Stand has been adapted into a limited series under the CBS network. The series is also going to bear the same name.

Stephen King’s The Stand Is Getting Adapted Into A Limited Series! Here’s What We Know.

While production of the series has been wrapped up and the CBS network has recently released a short thirty-second season teaser that gives fans a glimpse into the story. Here’s the teaser of the upcoming horror drama series that will air on CBS.

CBS Releases An Exclusive Teaser Of The Upcoming Post- Apocalyptic Series. Have A Look.

Benjamin Cavell who is serving as both the showrunner and executive producer of the limited series has expressed his excitement about adapting such a loved price of work into a television series. Moreover, Cavell opened up about the eerie similarity the plot has with the ongoing situation of a global pandemic. As the post-apocalyptic horror grows around the world, the show aims to eradicate the evil out of the way.

Cavell further talks about finding hope and meaning in such difficult times. The makers are glad that the couple shares an impressive price of work with the whole world. The network has gathered an impressive team of actors including Whoopi Goldberg, Amber Heard, Alexander Skarsgard along Natt Wolff. The first look teaser has already been creating quite a buzz amongst fans and a thrilling sense has made the short teaser an interesting watch.

The Post- Apocalyptic Limited Series Is All Set To Premiere This December On CBS Network.

Moreover, the story is set during a post-apocalyptic world where weaponized influenza has finished off almost half of the population, making two clear groups between the essence of good and evil, where one is led by mother Abagail played by Goldberg while the other one is led by Randall played by Skarsgard. The Apocalypse drama series will be premiering on CBS on 17th December.


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