Taylor Swift And Keith Urban: What’s In Between Them?

Taylor Swift And Keith Urban are undoubted among the biggest celebrities in the world. Taylor Swift has become the pop sensation with millions and millions of her albums sold in the international market.

Whereas Keith Urban has also made his name in the world of music with his unforgettable songs. Both of these sensations are often seen together these days, either on social media or outside. Are they just friends, do they happen to meet each other randomly, or is something else happing between both of them? Well, let us find out.

Keith Urban And Taylor Swift: What Are They?

Keith Urban tied the knots with Nicole Kidman. Taylor Swift and Nicole Kidman are buddies and are often seen strolling around different places. Nicole once took her daughters to Taylor Swift’s concert, where Keith was also performing.

Keith Urban
Source: NME

Taylor Swift now enjoys a huge fan base from all over the world. She is no more a country star and enjoys a celebrity status herself. But, there was a time years before when Keith Urban and Taylor Swift were in direct competition with each other.

Both of them were rivals once upon a time, and their rivalry was known to all of their fans. But the new situation is distinct. Now they are considered ‘good friends.’ It is still not clear whether they are just friends, or there is something else between them.

Taylor Swift And Keith Urban’s Friendship Story

Taylor Swift And Keith Urban have been close to each other for a very long time now. Their friendship began back in 2009 when both of them were busy on Urban’s Escape Together world tours.

As per the sources, both of these artists enjoyed a lot on the road and had a fantastic time in each other’s company. There was a time when Taylor Swift joke with Keith Urban. The prank was quite fun for the lady singer as well as for the audience and fans. She pranked him during a concert when she played guitar during Keith’s performance. Keith was unaware of all of this, and he only realized this after Taylor removed her wig.

Well, our question remains still unanswered because none of the stars have given a statement on their ‘relationship. There are rumors that Nicole thinks something else is happening between her husband and Taylor Swift.


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