Tekashi69 Clears Airs about Link-up Rumors with Olivia Ponton

The notorious rapper, Tekashi69, has yet again come under the spotlight. Recently his name was being associated with TikTok star Olivia Ponton. But the rapper has finally cleared the air about it all. He has made it clear that he is not at all dating her.


Rumor has it that Olivia ended up kissing 69. Well, these are just rumors because we do not know how true they are. But as for 69, he has ultimately denied these rumors. But netizens indeed never miss anything. They have proof to support that there was something between the two in the past.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Netizens cam across TikTok videos in which Olivia was seen dancing with 69. But this very post is now deleted by her. Netizens have save that ey post, and they are using it to justify that Olivia was indeed involved with 69. But a recent interview given by him says the opposite to it all.

What’s Tekashi69 up to these days

69 has been up to a lot lately. The rainbow rapper recently released his album TattleTales. But to his dismay, the album has not been doing fine. The sales of the album are meager. It is half of what he had expected. Thus, he had been getting a lot of shades from netizens as well as celebrities. Some even sat down to troll him. Well, 69 kinds of deserves that. The ones whom he used to troll are trolling him now. Well, you get what you deserve. 69 is known for shaming others. Now, he is getting a piece of his cake.

Tekashi69 Rumors with Olivia Ponton

69 never ceases to make it to the headlines. He is always in the spotlight, no matter what. Now, this issue with him and his alleged romance had grabbed media attention. But there is indeed nothing going on between them.


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