Tik Tok User Mixes Cardi B WAP and Taylor Swift You Belong with Me on Gram


The social media seems to be getting obsessed with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s new release, WAP. The song has topped the Billboard charts, and fans are having their fun. Niamh Adkin recently got her video viral over the internet with her creativity. She created a dance video by mixing WAP and Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me. 

Detailed info on the Breaking News 


Niamh reposted the video on her Instagram profile. In the caption, she wrote that she had earlier posted the same on TikTok as well. It reached a million views, but it was later taken down.

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The model posted the video yesterday, and it has reached over 320,000 views and 860 comments. The comment section is filled with appreciations for the dance moves and the creativity of the artist. 


The video even caught Cardi B‘s attention. She reposted the video on her Twitter account and said that she never saw that coming. 

Well, we didn’t know either Cardi!

What’s up with Cardi B These Days 

Last month, Cardi B even released the WAP merchandise. The new merch has a range of umbrellas, raincoats and many more. The song WAP received a lot of attention from all sections. The first was fans wondering why Kylie Jenner was featured in the video. To this, Cardi responded that on Stormi’s birthday, Kylie treated her sister and her daughter very well. And Kris Jenner is close to her family. 

On the other hand, some of the “conservatives” objected on the lyrics of the song. She rushed them all by saying that she never expected them to talk about the song. She even shared a picture of Melania Trump from her modelling days. The WAP singer responded to a Tweet that said that the US needs fewer people like Cardi. 

So far it seems like Cardi B and her fan army is enjoying the WAP music. It is the first song by a female artist to be running on the top for 15 days straight. 


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