Lady Gaga's 6th Visualization of Chromatica Launch as 911 Emergency


Lady Gaga, an American singer, songwriter, and businesswoman, always been on the popping headlines. That is due to her kind nature of helping the needy, make her loved by everyone. Almost each of her songs is quite hit. It was making her one of the topmost and very liked singers of the music industry. This year, she has launched one of her hits named ‘Rain on Me’ with Ariana Grande. Now, she declares an emergency of pop music with her latest video ‘911’. Scroll down to know the detailed news.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

On Friday, Lady Gaga has released a new video, ‘911’, immersing the 6th video of Chromatica. This is the 2nd video after ‘Rain on Me’ with Ariana Grande. The video is having the desert scene on which some pomegranates are kept, where the group of some eclectic and Lady Gaga in the other world outfit assembles.

5th Chromatica of lady gaga

After which, in the last part of the video, there is some scene in the modern town, where we can see police searching on some spot. However, this song was set to release in April but faces some delay. But bagged as number 1 entry in the US charts. It premiered 16 hours ago, and till now, it has crossed 5.8 million views. We are waiting for many more records to break. If you haven’t seen the video 911, you can check below and hit the like button.

What’s Lady Gaga up to These Days

Recently she has raised funds for the needy and done a free concert. Prior in this year, she has released the 5th Chromatica Rain on Me with Ariana Grande. That shows her dark side of life and how she overcomes it. In a recent interview, she reveals her depression every day when she woke up and realizes that she is Lady Gaga. Now on Friday, she has launched her 6th video of album Chromatica named 911.



Although, after knowing about Lady Gaga’s life. We can get inspiration for how she moves and rises from her depression to become such a big personality with a golden heart that makes her best in his character type.


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