Lady Gaga Unveils her Past Depression, Thinking of Her Fame


Lady Gaga is a well-known American singer, songwriter, actress as well as businesswoman. She is famous for her sensational songs. And almost every song of her added-up in the category of the hit. Making her on of the topmost singer in the music industry. Up to now, she has bagged many awards and achievements. The recent music she added in her tracklist is ‘Chromatica’ with Ariana Grande. Here below is the latest song as mentioned.


Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Recently, the Grammy winner Lady Gaga opens up about the dark time she was facing. And the new album was all inspired by her life only. There was a time when her popularity triggers her depression, as she was suffering from Post Traumatic Disorder. She, wake up in the morning every day, and then she realizes that she is Lady Gaga and then gets depressed.

Then she goes on therapy, of peeling the layers of the onion. And more she digs deeper more she moves on to core more it stinks. She said before moving to therapy. She passes her time crying alone. And she became a chain smoker and alcoholic. And now she releases her album ‘Chromatica’, and the lyrics of the song are relatable to her life. Also, explains her darker side of life.

What’s Lady Gaga up to These Days

Recently, Lady Gaga’s kind-heart helps in raising $35 million for the WHO. Due to the pandemic, almost everything and money are scarce fulfills it. Her sober heart helps in raising funds to help the WHO and the needy. She also does a free concert, so that the money earned from the concert can be donated to the needy. Besides, this year she had given another hit on 22nd May, named ‘Chromatica: Rain on Me‘ with Ariana Grande. In this, she has shown her story of depression and overcoming it. The song has crossed almost 214 million views.

So, everyone should have a heart like Lady Gaga, as she not only supports the people in unwanted situations but also is ground to earth. As well as, her story is an inspiration she back-out and fight with her depression.


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