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Mario Joseph Jacovino also is known as Rioma is a singer who has turned his passion into a profession. He has his signature music that is unique in its way. The singer has been producing hip hop music for a long, and his inspirations are Travis Scott and Post Malone. He said that he gets inspired by what the two singers make. When Travis Scott first made the song Days Before Rodeo, it became an instant favorite of Rioma. Travis is famous for engineering hip-hop music with different new techniques that add perfect creative vibes to his songs.

Rioma Success Story

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Rioma is 25 now and is from New Jersey. He started as a student at Wilkes University. He indulged in the passion of music in this place, and he was so obsessed with it that he used to miss all his classes only to get involved in music. It was 2-3 years of his joining the college that he was expelled from the university without a degree. A normal man would have broken and left all hopes, but nothing could have stopped Rioma from music. Soon, he started recording songs every day and enhanced his skills to the peak.

Whats Rioma up to These Days

Rioma could have copied and imitated music from other singers, but he did not do so. He tried to make his signature style, and that is what pushed him upward. The singer now experiments with a new kind of music. He tries and often fails, but he believes in perceptions. He says that whatever happened in his past was a blessing, and no one could ever succeed without trying. The hit and trial method is a technique that helps Rioma to detect and remove his mistakes.


Rioma has struggled his part to become better every day. Thus he was able to create a signature style of himself for which he is known to the entire world today.


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