Nicki Minaj Triumphant in Tracy Chapman's Copyright California Trial


Nicki Minaj was under a case very recently that says that she has violated the copyrights of Tracy Chapman. Tracy Chapman claims that Nicki has recreated one of her works named “Baby Can I Hold You“. Nicki Minaj has created a song named, “Sorry”, which follows the song by Tracy. The trial was taken at the court where several comparisons and investigations were made. The judge knows already that Nicki is a professional and she would never add a song to her album before passing the copyright clearance. Scroll down to know what happened exactly.


Detailed Info on the Breaking News about Nicki’s Copyright Trial 

After several comparisons, it came out that Nicki has kept the song on a level where wathe song could be labeled as an intermediate copyrighted one. Thus, all the claims by Tracy Chapman were dropped against Nicki. This is not the end as Nicki is going to face a couple of more uncomfortable situations in the near time. However, the investigation stated that Nicki was not granted clearance for the song Sorry. She went to DJ Funkmaster Flex for help, and you would not believe what she did with the unapproved song.

Whats Nicki Minaj up to These Days

Nicki delivered a radio show with DJ Funkmaster in which she teased her song in the first go. She kept on promoting her song on the radio without a proper clearance due to which she is facing trouble now. The court has stated that the song is not harming the market, but it had already harmed Nicki. The singer has then produced a lot more songs by now and has regained her popularity. The albums now are passed through the copyright clearances.

It sometimes happens that thoughts collide between two people at the same time. What Nicki did was something that indicates that she might have copied the song, but in the end, the story is something different.


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