Tekashi69's Sara Molina Sexy IG Piccies Sparkles Request for OnlyFans


It’s not been so long that Tekashi 6ix9ine has been released from his imprisonment. The rapper had a previous relationship with Sara Molina, who is now a scorching high demand model. Sara Molina also shares a daughter with Tekashi. The two had a breakup because Tekashi was cheating on Molina. After their breakup, Molina started to flaunt herself on Instagram. She has uploaded a recent video in which she flaunts her beautiful curves. Fans demand her for an Onlyfans account now.

Detailed Info on the Breaking News

Molina has posted a video in which she also talks about the domestic violence that Tekashi did to her. She also claimed that the rainbow rapper their daughter for granted and is not concerned about her. He does not care about her safety and keeps on trolling people and getting involved in gang activity. We have seen so many pictures in which Tekashi meets his daughter on her birthday or any normal day. Tekashi also gives money for his daughter but that is not enough. He has been a miserable father, as said by the model.

Tekashi69's Sara Molina

What’s Sara Molina up to These Days

The model now posted the video and has proved her smoking hotness. Fans beg her to come in Onlyfans account where she can post more of her photos, exposing her beauty. Tekashi, on the other hand, has been with his new girlfriend for a bit and has not planned anything yet. However, his first interview after releasing from prison did say something significant. He admitted that he had been violent to his ex-girlfriend and that he needs to explain it to his daughter when she grows up.

Sara Molina pictures

Besides everything, it seems that Sara Molina is doing pretty well in her career. As a model, she gets many fans every day, and even people want her to be in only fans’ accounts.


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