Unusual Facts You didn't Know About Former Disney Star Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato is a household name courtesy of her lovely singing and acting talents. The singer has several fans aka Lovatics who know almost everything about the pop singer. But there’s still a lot about her that many might not know! For starters, Demi won the crown of Mini Miss Texas back in 2000 – 2001. From a young age, it was known that she’s a star and this encouraged her to opt for acting and singing. Lovato featured in some Disney shows including the infamous Camp Rock. She also started in Sonny With a Chance and As this Bell Rings.

Demi Lovato crazy facts

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Meanwhile, before Miley Cyrus, Demi had auditioned for the big role of Hannah Montana. While she didn’t get that role, Demi bagged Camp Rock instead. Besides, she also bagged Miley’s brother Trace in 2009 but it, unfortunately, didn’t last. In 2017, she earned the role of a Global Citizen Ambassador and always took a stand for mental health. Meanwhile, Demi didn’t start her acting career with Disney but instead with Barney and Friends. A young Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez together starred in Barney and Friends living every kids’ dream. 

Besides, Demi and Selena aren’t on the best terms anymore. But back in the day, the two had a fun youtube channel together. Lovato loves ink and has more than 10 tattoos inked. Demi’s ex-manager Phil McIntyre used to have control over her food intake, which forced her to seek help for an eating disorder. Not only that, but she also experienced bullying at school by her peers. In 2010, she realized that she also suffers from bipolar disorder and used to self-harm.

What’s Demi Lovato up to These Days

Moreover, it seems like Demi’s getting ready for the big day…her wedding with fiancĂ© Max Ehrich. Lovato newly admitted that the two might elope and marry one another. They seemingly want the wedding ceremony to be sacred and between them. On the other hand, the couple also wants to have a grand wedding with loads of friends and family. However, that won’t be possible right now because of the coronavirus pandemic. Well for one, we already know that Demi won’t opt for the classic white gown.

Ending this on a much lighter note — the Confident Singer never wears jeans! She has previously mentioned that the clothing item doesn’t make her feel good, so instead, she ditched them. 


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